Rajmund Klemiński

Rajmund Klemiński

PhD Student

Department of Artificial Intelligence, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Rajmund’s interest in data analysis was shaped during his Bachelor and Master’s studies in Automatic Control and Robotics. During that time, this interest was firmly focused on the use of data for management and automation purposes as evidenced by the theses he authored: “Development of software for advanced storage management” and “Analysis and comparison of the support tools of ERP systems”. The increased focus on Computer Science techniques and understanding large bodies of data lead him to enroll into a PhD programme in Computer Science. Here, his previous interests crystalised towards a larger problem: the analysis and understanding of the scientific process. His interests are shaped primarily by this goal and include areas such as Network Science and Representation Learning.

  • Scientometrics
  • Social Network and Media Analysis
  • Representation Learning
  • MsC in Control Engineering and Robotics, 2015

    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology