Interacting Spreading Processes in Multilayer Networks: A Systematic Review


The world of network science is fascinating and filled with complex phenomena that we aspire to understand. One of them is the dynamics of spreading processes over complex networked structures. Building the knowledge-base in the field where we can face more than one spreading process propagating over a network that has more than one layer is a challenging task, as the complexity comes both from the environment in which the spread happens and from characteristics and interplay of spreads’ propagation. As this cross-disciplinary field bringing together computer science, network science, biology and physics has rapidly grown over the last decade, there is a need to comprehensively review the current state-of-the-art and offer to the research community a roadmap that helps to organise the future research in this area. Thus, this survey is a first attempt to present the current landscape of the multi-processes spread over multilayer networks and to suggest the potential ways forward.

IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 10316-10341
Piotr Bródka
Piotr Bródka
Associate Professor

My research interests include Complex Network Anaysis and Spreading Proceses in Complex Networks